Emergency Roadworks

The TMPRA [TruckersMP Road Association] have recently seen an increase in traffic in the areas of Santa Cruz & Santa Maria specifically the vicinity of the Landslide over Route 1. The TMPRA feel that this is due to Operation Big Sur. We are seeing a major impact in road traffic and thus is causing an impact to regular traffic and is causing severe delays. The increase in traffic is over 500 vehicles [Trucks and Cars].

With the above being taken into consideration, the following measures have been put into place…

  • Emergency roadworks have been completed to increase traffic flow and manoeuvrability.
  • Road improvements will stay in place until the landslide has been cleared.

Date of removal: July 16th

Please see a following blueprint of the roadworks that have been completed out of hours by the team at TMPRA: Blueprint

Going of what was positioned in the above blueprint, the following is a bird’s eye view of the finalised project: Finished

This has now been implemented and is effective Immediately.

Additionally, please remember to avoid collisions and when applicable… give way to other drivers to make sure that the traffic can continue in and out of the zones clearly and smoothly.


The TruckersMP Road Association

Thank you to Add-On Team member EG0611 for making this possible!


Community Management