Real Operations V5

Greetings Everyone,

Real Operations is back! For our 5th instalment of the series we head back into Europe, and invite you to explore a range of live planned incidents to provide you a unique multiplayer simulation experience.

Incidents such as roadworks, collisions, border control, Police arrests, and oversized escorting can be witnessed when you take part in one of our biggest and most popular events.


We will host the event on 26th August 2018 from 17:00 to 20:00 UTC (Alternative Timezones), so if you are looking for a different experience on the roads, come on down. We are all here to have some fun and a laugh!

All of the live events you will discover are pre-planned with the staff team only. We ask all participants do not interfere with them, and to follow instructions. Who knows, you may be stopped for an inspection, or have to yield for a Police escort!

A truck (and preferably a trailer) is accepted, however, cars are only to be used by staff.

As for the meetup prior to the event starting, you can choose from either of the 5 cities; Dijon, Bern, Genève, Lyon, or Torino. If one of these cities is too busy, feel free to meetup at another one.

The exact roads you can discover our events on are highlighted on the Real Ops V5 Map. Just follow the pink roads in any direction you decide and enjoy the experience!

Excited? Have a question? Let us know on the forums. See you there!

Additional Event Info: Twitch Stream | Event Rules | Server: Real Ops V5 | DLC: None

-TruckersMP Team

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