Feedback Categories Update

Hello Truckers,

Today we have an exciting announcement to share with you. We have decided to update the categories of our feedback system to make it easier for you to get in contact with the right upper staff member depending on the reason you need to contact us about. This is another step that we are taking to make things easier for you to use our online systems and engage with us more. Please also remember that the feedback system is not only to be used for complaints. The system can be used for general feedback on our systems and positive comments on our services and staff members.

What was the old list?

The old list of categories is as follows:

  • Game Moderator
  • Bans
  • Discord
  • Support Moderator/Forum related
  • Event server/temp rules request
  • General feedback
  • Suggestions
  • Questions
  • Website/Game/Forum
  • Complaints about bans
  • Complaints about reports
  • Complaints about GM

As you can see, this list had many different options but some of the options would end up going to the same staff member and then the list compiles and kept on getting bigger and bigger and that meant that we were not as fast as we hoped to be and that is something that we needed to change.

So, What have you done to change this?

We have decided to completely revamp the feedback systems categories and thus making it simpler to select the option that you need to get your possible issue / query answered. The following is a list of the new categories and a couple of examples of when to contact for each one.

  • Project Management - Directs to the Project Management. Can be used for issues and upper staff complaints, or very important matters that are not for other management.

  • Community Management - Directs to the Community Management. Can be used for feedback about a system that has been implemented that you wish to give feedback on. This can also be used for suggestions and questions.

  • Game Moderation Management - Directs to the Game Management. Can be used to complain about Game Moderators, a report or a ban. If it is about a ban, please remember that you must have appealed it first.

  • Community Moderation Management - Directs to the Community Moderation Management. Can be used to complain about a moderator from either Discord / Forums / Social Media and Twitch. This can also be used for feedback, general questions and compliments regarding the Community Moderators

  • Event Management - Directs to the Event Management. Can be used to give feedback on TMP official events. This can also be used for an event server request and also temporary event rules requests.

  • Add-on Management - Directs to the Add-on Management. Can be used for feedback on the addons that TMP are creating to add to the modification like the Scout Car Re-Work once that is complete and available to use.

  • Media Management - Directs to the Media Management. Can be used for feedback on the media assets like the posters, videos and the Twitch streams that are done by the Media Team.

  • Support Management - Directs to the Support Management. Can be used for complaints about the support members. Can also be used for feedback on a ticket or a reply from a support member on the forum help section.

Now that this has been implemented and is live, we hope to be more consistent in our feedback and we hope to answer any feedback tickets we receive in a timely and courteous fashion.

Happy Trucking!

The TruckersMP Team



TruckersMP Community Manager