Restricted Zone for Double Trailers

Dear players,

After quite a few multiplayer updates and many discussions about the double trailers, the Management has come to the conclusion that we expand SCS Software's limited area to incorporate the entire map, including all downloadable content areas. However, in order to prevent congestion and similar issues in highly populated areas, the developers have implemented a restriction zone where any kind of double trailer is not permitted.

When entering such an area, you will receive an in-game warning that you are being kicked if you continue to drive in that direction with your double trailer. In that sense, please have a look at the following markings on the map:


Please, avoid this area or you will automatically get kicked from the server. Shortly before that happens, you get a warning that you are entering such an area. If you ignore that, the server kicks you and this message will be shown: Double trailers inside of restricted area.

Other than that, you are welcome to free roam with your double trailers across the European continent. Have fun!

The Game Management