Hallows Haul 28th October 2018

Are you feeling brave, truckers?

This weekend TruckersMP will be heading on an adventure through the cold night, bracing for whatever may lurk in the trees surrounding the roads of Oregon.

To celebrate Halloween this year, we would like to introduce...


This convoy will take place on Sunday 28th October 2018 at 18:00 UTC (Alternative Timezones) Note: Daylight Saving Time takes place on this date, please refer to the timezone link to ensure you don't miss out.

To take part, simply meetup in Medford, Oregon, with a truck and trailer, as shown below:


Should the primary meetup be too busy, you're welcome to wait in the city.

The convoy duration is estimated to be 90 minutes. It may be longer if you leave at the back half of the convoy. No breaks are scheduled, but you are welcome to pull into a safe place should you require a rest.

But wait, what's the route?!

Nobody knows! Look out for our Event Team and follow their directions, they will show you the way... You don't want to get lost alone, do you?

Join us, if you dare!

Additional Event Info: Twitch Stream | Event Rules | DLC: Oregon | Server: Hallows Haul

-TruckersMP Team



Event Manager