Knowledge Base System

Hello Truckers,

We are glad to finally announce the release of a big project we have been working on for quite some time. TruckersMP now has a built-in knowledgebase system on the website!

The times of searching endlessly on the forum to find a guide showing you what to do are over. Now, it is possible to quickly look for a keyword and get all related results listed. This enables a greater overview, as well as sufficiently fast help. Furthermore, it is possible for us to translate articles into multiple languages which makes it easier and more transparent for people from foreign countries.

Categorised and split into multiple parts, one can find everything there is to know about TruckersMP, how the systems work and what we value when it comes to your submissions, for instance, reports or feedback tickets. Please, read everything carefully before you take an action.

Make sure to check it out first before contacting the Support team or even submitting a feedback ticket. You can find the knowledgebase system here:

As this is just the initial release, many more articles are about to follow in the future, providing an even broader variety than we already have at this point.

We also want to thank the Support, Community and Game Management who have helped write many articles to get a fundamental basis of what is necessary.

Regards, TruckersMP Team



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