TruckersMP 5 Year Anniversary - Events

Greetings Everyone,

This blog comes with some very exciting news, as we're incredibly honoured to announce...



TruckersMP has grown to become a massive community over the years, and we are very hyped to celebrate this success. We have lots of exciting plans coming up over the next two weeks, some of which to be announced later on!

Start counting down, as 30th April 2019 marks our anniversary! Show your celebratory support, by wearing '#TMP5' in your player tag!

We collectively as a community, a family - have individually made what TruckersMP is today. We couldn't have come this far without you.

In this initial announcement, we're happy to confirm we will be hosting five hours worth of convoy's, on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

That's five hours of American Truck Simulator convoys and five hours of Euro Truck Simulator 2 convoys. More details below!

Saturday 27th April 2019


American Truck Simulator may not be well-populated in our multiplayer mod, but it is certainly part of the online family. Packed full of unique States and incredible roads, we're proud of our online support and happy to be starting our celebrations here!

Convoy Route One:

Departure Location: Large Rest Stop, Raton, New Mexico

Departure Time: 15:00 UTC

Destination Location: Large Rest Stop, Tucumcari, New Mexico

Destination Time: 17:00 UTC

Convoy Route Two:

Departure Location: Large Rest Stop, Medford, Oregon

Departure Time: 18:00 UTC

Destination Location: Large Rest Stop, Ontario, Oregon

Destination Time: 20:00 UTC

Sunday 28th April 2019


Where it all began... Euro Truck Simulator 2 has had a hugely positive effect on a lot of people in the community over the years. Millions of truckers meeting on these roads, establishing friendships and creating lots of great memories.

Convoy Route One:

Departure Location: Port + City, Calais, France

Departure Time: 15:00 UTC

Destination Location: Quarry, Lyon, France

Destination Time: 17:00 UTC

Convoy Route Two:

Departure Location: Oslo Port, Norway

Departure Time: 18:00 UTC

Destination Location: Stavanger Port, Norway

Destination Time: 20:00 UTC

Alternative timezones for ALL convoys are listed here:

TMP5 Freeroam


During our celebrations, we would like to show our appreciation towards the community, by honouring a widely popular request.

The Skoda Police Car is a staff exclusive feature we enable for our Game Moderation and Management. They have a loud siren, and look rather slick!

We have heard loud and clear that some of you would love the opportunity to drive it. Perhaps you want to pull over your friends or chase some bad guys...

As a thank you for keeping TruckersMP alive for so many years, we are making the exclusive car available to everyone!

This will be available on Euro Truck Simulator 2, from 29th April, til 3rd May. Look out for the TMP5 Freeroam [No Road Rules] server!

To ensure you can enjoy it to its full potential, we will not enforce road rules on this server. It will be treated the same as a 'Freeroam' server, however, collisions are to be enabled. Click here for TMP5 Freeroam server rules!

Thank you for playing! <3

-TruckersMP Team



Senior Event Manager