TruckersMP merchandise now available!

Hello all,

We're more than happy to announce that 2 new merch listings have been launched. 1 of those listings contains original designs, while the other one is focussed on the 5th anniversary of TruckersMP.

Original designs:
5th anniversary:

Compared to the previous listing, all prices except for the mug are lower. You may notice that the price for the 5th anniversary hoodie is higher than the normal merch, this is due to the fact that there are 2 images on the hoodie, resulting in a higher production cost.

We tried to keep the prices of the items as low as possible, keep in mind that these prices include the production price and VAT. Shipping is not included.

Some items are available in multiple colours, but remain at the same price. Make sure, if you order something, to make sure you order the correct size of the item of the merch.

If you require more information on how Teespring works, you can visit their site. A helpful link is this one:

Currently, there is a 10% discount code. The code is: "TMP5" without quotes.

Regards, Smoky_TMP