TruckersMP Survey

Dear Truckers,

Asking the community what they think about TruckersMP is an essential part of helping us to review what we do and how we plan for the future. A survey was conducted in August 2018. That survey gave a useful snapshot of what the community life is like at TruckersMP today. The Community Survey was open to all but focused mainly on public view on certain teams within TruckersMP. There were 4006 entries.

This survey has been put together to access the community view on TruckersMP and to ask about people’s direct experience of services and aspects of their views. You encounter and use it, we want to know how we are doing and where we can improve!

Fill in the survey via this link:

Please take your time and answer the survey in all honesty. The survey will close on 15th June 2019.

Kind regards, TruckersMP Team

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