Official TruckersMP Discord guild rework

Hello Truckers! 🚚

Our public discord guild has been refreshed. Having realised that our Discord was not the easiest to communicate around, we decided to create some magic, and make it more user-friendly by automating the synchronisation process of your TruckersMP account with your Discord account. Along with that, many channels have been rewritten. They should now contain clearer useful information, and with some newly written bots, joining ranks should now be easier. Our Discord server serves the purpose of communication between fellow truckers and most importantly getting information about TruckersMP right from the source! Since we have been partners with Discord for quite some time, we decided to use some of the perks that they made available to us.

Are you a new user?

Joining the public guild is as easy as it can be! Follow the simple article on how to do it, available in various languages:

List of changes

  • Created the above described verification process
  • Reworked some channels such as #discord-suggestions, #roles or #request-group
  • Rewritten #welcome (you can subscribe various channels by using available reactions)
  • Added new channels (#connect-truckersmp, #truckersmp-status, #stream-announcements and more!)
  • Added a role for subscribing live streams
  • Added claimable roles just by reacting
  • Channels have been reorganised
  • Changed position of roles so it is easier for you to find the correct person for contact
  • Edited various and outdated emojis
  • Created the vanity URL -
  • Created a new open source bot for reaction roles - Botranktir

If you are a new user and you are interested in being a part of our Discord guild, follow instructions in above mentioned knowledge base article to connect your account!
Joining language and other available roles is as easy as clicking on a flag or role's emote, for example by clicking on 🇵🇱 in #roles you gain access to #polish channel.


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