Easter Egg Hunt 2020 - Results


We hope everyone in the TruckersMP community is staying safe by #TruckingAtHome.

For this year's Easter event, we celebrated with a traditional egg hunt! If you missed our previous blog, you check it out here: https://truckersmp.com/blog/202

The event was an overwhelming success, with 627 competition submissions!

We would like to thank everyone for participating in the event. It shows that despite the difficult circumstances the world is in, we can still come together and have an enjoyable experience.

It's now time to announce what many have eagerly been waiting for... the results!

Egg Locations

Thanks to everyone's effort, all of the eggs were found and returned to EuroGoodies safely!


After Movie

If you would like to watch our after-movie of the event, check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Q2LfK5GKG8


Time format: [HH:MM:SS]

1st Place: (00:54:32) Cobra1994 - £25 Steam Gift Card

2nd Place: (01:01:21) Broker - £14 Steam Gift Card

3rd Place: (01:03:27) [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang - £10 Steam Gift Card

Congratulations to Cobra1994 on winning first place at the Easter Egg Hunt 2020!

And a huge shoutout to Broker and [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang on getting second and third place, respectively.


Additionally, below are the remaining participants in the top 25!

4th (01:07:42) DJ Dynamic

5th (01:09:08) 19049_Spy

6th (01:09:08) •Nika•

7th (01:09:24) L0renc0_

8th (01:09:26) Ivonole

9th (01:09:34) Vexus.

10th (01:09:42) El1teZombiezHD

11th (01:11:37) TFM_Flaming

12th (01:12:44) GutzyTTV

13th (01:13:15) oscarxr

14th (01:14:38) CookieRookie

15th (01:15:00) gε__έят ڜ ﻹعربي

16th (01:15:18) Silver_xD

17th (01:15:45) TARK777

18th (01:15:59) FBTC - Raaphael

19th (01:16:01) JamesS014

20th (01:16:04) HUNgaryQHD

21st (01:16:38) SpArKy_12377

22nd (01:17:35) XxPuñixX [ESP]

23rd (01:18:01) SuperHoops

24th (01:20:59) Evandr0

25th (01:21:35) Candy Heart

Golden Egg Winner

During the event, you may have heard our rumours about a super-rare Golden Egg roaming around the United Kingdom!

Well, the rumours were true! However, this egg was very rare to come by, as it was constantly on the move. Nevertheless, our amazing community was vigilant enough to find it, as 183 of you managed to find it!

However, the bonus £10 Steam Gift Card was only up for grabs by the first participant to locate all six eggs plus the Golden Egg.

A massive congratulations and shoutout go out to... DJ Dynamic! He is the Golden Egg winner, as well as coming 4th in the overall competition!

Finally, a huge congratulations goes out to all participants that completed the Easter Egg Hunt 2020! You will all receive a shiny new Award on your profiles!

-TruckersMP Team