Holidays on TruckersMP!

Hello truckers and happy holidays!

As we approach the holiday season here at TruckersMP, our Add-On Team has been hard at work making modifications to celebrate the season. From today and throughout the season, you can expect to see a couple changes when playing TruckersMP.

Holiday themed map edits

When driving around in TruckersMP, you see that we have redecorated some cities for the special season. Our Add-On Team has created custom models that have been added in certain cities in-game. You can expect to see some Christmas trees, presents, and a few extra surprises!

Here is something you would see in a redecorated city:

Holiday map edits

Holiday themed cargo

Our Add-On Team has also created a custom cargo for you to haul! Similar to the World of Trucks presents trailer, we have a custom TruckersMP trailer with festive lights on.

Holiday cargo

We also have many more changes planned to celebrate the new year.
We hope you have a very enjoyable and safe holiday this year.

Happy holidays,
The TruckersMP Team

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