Spring has arrived!

Hi truckers,

It has stopped snowing, the days are getting warmer, the grass is green and the trees are starting to blossom. It can only mean one thing, spring has arrived!

Even if it may not feel like it, we’ve gone full circle and it is spring once again. Where has the time gone!? All jokes aside, we’re excited to confirm that we’re working with Grimes to support the Spring Graphics/Weather mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and, for the first time, American Truck Simulator.

In order to use this modification on our servers, there are a few extra steps you need to follow compared to installing mods for singleplayer. Upon the mod creators request, you will have to download this mod from a third-party website.

You can find all the information in our knowledge base article here: How to install the Spring Mod?

As with the various other Grimes environmental mods, this modification is optional and not required to play on any of our servers.

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We hope you have a great yet safe spring from us here at TruckersMP!

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