New Report scoring

Coming with the next update of the website, admins will be asked to score the quality of reports.

This is something we've decided to implement to curb some of the borderline useless reports that some users submit.

When an admin actions a report (Accept or Decline), they will also be asked to provide feedback in the form of if the report was a positive or a negative, ie. was the report a good report.

With this, users will also be limited to a max of 10 reports open out the gate, but if they make good reports, they will eventually get the ability to open more reports simultaneously, but if they make bad reports, they will eventually loose the ability to make reports.

The rate of increase/decline is something we will monitor and adjust as needed, initially a positive means an increase of 0.5 reports, but a bad one will deduct 0.2. You will see how many you can make at the top of your reports screen: label showing number of reports you can create

The update has landed.

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