Community Success Stories Part 1 - LTBD VTC

Dear Players!

Welcome to the first edition of TruckersMP Community Stories where each edition we feature a story about you guys! The idea of this is to bring the community further together, get to know each other and share our success stories. Keep on reading to find out how to get your story featured in the future!

This week's story is about a group of people who met through TruckersMP.

Members of "Legend Truckers Bangladesh VTC" (LTBD VTC) got together to celebrate their first year in operation, on August 5th. Their mission being to establish one of the biggest VTCs in Asia.

Starting with around 7 players, LTBD VTC has now grown to have around 80 players regularly delivering across Europe. All 80 players are close and Mohammed, who contacted TruckersMP via our International Facebook group spoke out saying that LTBD is not only a VTC but also a family.

On the 3rd of August LTBD did a meet up in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The aim of the meetup was to celebrate 1 year of being open as a VTC. With a cake cutting ceremony and a banner signing by members of the VTC as well as a meal and a group photo, they had a great time to get to know their family personally and have a great time.

With a large amount of fleet drivers, coordinators, convoy controllers and management you are never far away from having someone to chat to and someone to spend some quality time with. LTBD VTC is expanding "day by day" and would love to look for more drivers to recruit! LTBD always look forward to seeing new faces and wish to grow their family even further. You can apply to join on their website however, each person who applies goes through a selection process and then are required to do some tests to ensure quality for the best service!

Holding regular convoys, LTBD sounds like a great VTC to join!

Photo Legend Truckers Facebook page

It's always been a great feeling when something like an online game or modification such as TruckersMP can get together such an amazing group of people who will likely stay in contact and be great friends for the rest of their lives, this is one of the reasons why we would love to share similar stories of yours!

If you would like to have your TruckersMP related "success story" featured, please Private Message Chris on the forum explaining your full story, background and include any group photos.


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