ATSMP Status Update

We know we haven't said much about ATS and ATSMP for a while, so we're gonna attempt to catch up a bit here.

ATS is not forgotten, and not dropped. The reason ATS still is not updated is because it is a different version compared to ETS2.

American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 share a lot of code, and normally this helps us a lot, as when SCS release updates for both games at the same time we can do a lot of the work once then apply it to both games. However, in this case SCS has released an ATS update with older code, while ETS2 has gotten a newer release. This means it would take literally more than twice the normal time to update both games - since we have to support both new features and old versions.

As this is a hobby project, and we all do this for free besides our jobs, school, studies, and personal life, we have to prioritize our time. Because of this, we made a decision not to update ATS to the current version. Instead, we plan to update ATSMP as soon as possible when ATS hits version 1.30, where ETS2 is now.

We know it's frustrating when it seem like we are ignoring the issue, and you hear nothing about it. We are sorry about this situation.

Additionally, I would like to remind about why the US ATS server is down. This is for security reasons, following a design flaw in nearly all modern CPUs. It applies to several other of our non-EU servers as well, and more information is available here.

Keep on trucking,

  • The TruckersMP Team and Developers

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