Simulation and /Fix

Hello everyone,

A while ago we asked for your opinion on the /fix command. As we have stated afterwards, only a handful of our average monthly players voted on the poll meaning we didn’t get an ultimate clear view on how you want it command to work.

This resulted in the situation to remain the same. However, after hearing all the voices of the people that voted on the poll, reading reactions on our Facebook page and our official international group and having conversations with individual players, we decided to review it again with great care and we concluded that we had to push one more change to cater those that want to push simulation to another level.

We disabled the /fix command entirely on our simulation servers. Servers that have the speed limiter enabled are being considered as a simulation server, so those who request an event server with the speed limiter enabled will not have this command available.

While this change might bring hope to some of our players, we have no plans to push any other changes in regards to this command at this moment.

Happy trucking!

-TruckersMP Team