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3 Jun

> TruckersMP Featured Zone

We are very excited to announce the launch of Featured Zone - the first of our live events to take place on Simulation 1.

03 Jun 12:00 UTC | MrAndyTF
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8 May

> Dev Blog: Under the Hood of the Replication Framework

We are excited to share with you the project our Game Development team has been working on for the past year - the Replication Framework.

08 May 15:14 UTC | Leon Baker
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19 Apr

> TruckersMP 9 Year Anniversary - Events

TruckersMP is turning 9 - read this blog to find out how we'll be celebrating!

19 Apr 17:08 UTC | Skinner
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5 Apr

> New TruckersMP Trailers

We're thrilled to launch some new and exciting trailer related accessories, for use on TruckersMP!

05 Apr 21:55 UTC | Stan
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30 Mar

> Project Update: Back to Basics

TruckersMP has decided to update their server offerings. Specifically, we reflect on our Road to Simulation, publish some of the Community Survey and Feedback February surveys, and explain why we offer servers with speed limit back up to 150 km/h again.

30 Mar 16:00 UTC | Jeronimο
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27 Mar

> Easter Egg Hunt 2023

Easter Egg Hunt 2023 has arrived! - Can you find all six eggs?

27 Mar 19:14 UTC | Skinner