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18 Nov

> Introducing the New TruckersMP Launcher

We’ve had our current launcher for a long time, and now it’s time for an upgrade. We’re excited to introduce a brand new TruckersMP Launcher, custom built for the community!

18 Nov 2022 15:25 UTC | Stan
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12 Nov

> Real Operations V14!

Real Operations returns for its 14th instalment!

12 Nov 2022 13:24 UTC | Whitelodge
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23 Oct

> Halloween Convoy - 30th October 2022

If you're looking for a surreal trucking experience for Halloween this year, we're hosting a special two-hour convoy to push your bravery to the limit!

23 Oct 2022 19:53 UTC | Whitelodge
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21 Oct

> Discord Rules Update

Hello everyone! Following recent updates and changes both internally and externally, we decided to take a look at our Discord rules and have reworked them to better fit the current...

21 Oct 2022 15:15 UTC | Community Management
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30 Sep

> Security Update, September 2022

On September 28th we discovered a suspicious file on the web server hosting our forums. We do not believe unauthorized access has occurred. Out of an abundance of caution we will imposing password resets on everyone over the weekend.

30 Sep 2022 14:31 UTC | ^3v.
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11 Sep

> Duisburg City Rework

September 2022 rework of Duisburg city by the TruckersMP Add-On Team. These map changes feature new roads and surrounding areas around the city of Duisburg. Also featuring brand new custom parking, fuel, service areas, and highway interchanges.

11 Sep 2022 11:27 UTC | TeamDeer