Christmas Convoy 2019 - Proudly Supporting Make-A-Wish!

For Christmas 2019, we are proudly supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation! Please consider supporting our fundraising campaign at Thank you.

More information available on our blog.

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7 Oct

> Official Partnerships

We are happy to announce our latest program: Official Partnerships. This is where we connect with various instances of the community that are seen to be providing a genuine and quality service to their users and are major contributors to our community.

07 Oct 18:13 UTC | Aestrial
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2 Oct

> Pink ribbon convoy

October is the international month for breast cancer awareness. To support charities we are organising a convoy to raise awareness for this disease.

02 Oct 18:55 UTC | Prime
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2 Oct

> TruckersMP Patreon Launched

After lots of planning, we are happy to release another way for you to support us while receiving rewards for doing so: Our very own Patreon.

02 Oct 07:59 UTC | Aragon
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26 Sep

> ProMods support reveal

Since we revealed the support for ProMods it is time to do a small recap of the important things that have been said during the reveal stream.

26 Sep 16:49 UTC | Prime
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24 Sep

> Heavy Haul Convoy - 29 September 2019

If you're a fan of big American heavy haul rigs, then you'll love what we've got in store this weekend!

24 Sep 16:04 UTC | Digital
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18 Sep

> Racing Championship - Autumn 2019 - Results

After an exciting and busy weekend, it's time to confirm the results of our Autumn Racing Championship 2019!

18 Sep 16:36 UTC | Digital