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By Hockerto   |   30 Apr 21:10 UTC | Updated on 30 Apr 21:10 UTC

Thermo Liner Group can be defined through a lot of things. One could be the specific style. Another one is definitely our love for convoys. For that reason, our next Public Event has been posted.

The Event will take place on the 24 June 2023. The route will take us through the Balkan landscapes of Bulgaria. We will start in Cluj Napoca and end in Pitești. On the route we will encounter easier as well as more challenging places. Together we will cover about 1015 km or 630 miles. The event invitations are going out now, but other VTCs are also very welcome to join. We recommend booking a slot to have a secured place at the Convoy. To book a slot you just have to go to our Discord and open a ticket under "support-and-invite". Our event managers will then take good care of you. If you are more interested in the event, feel free to check out the TMP page. You can find the link again here: The whole Thermo Liner Group would be very happy about your presence. Feel free to sign up on the TMP page so we can get a rough count of participants.


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