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Golden Phoenix Express | April Recap

By TheFlynner   |   08 May 2023 00:00 UTC | Updated on 12 Jun 2023 13:29 UTC

April Fools Day!!

We joined the community on April Fools Day and went by the name Silver Phoenix Express, which management as well as driver enjoyed, as members of the community assumed we had renamed our loved company! The picture below shows how our trucks appeared on April 1st, together with a Skoda monster truck. Aside from that, everyone had a fantastic time and day trolling the community and VTC after all.

GPE Drive Along Streams

We started doing Drive Along Convoys on Twitch for the first time, to interact with the community more, which was going pretty well. If you would like to know when our next stream will be, keep an eye on the official GPE Twitter, Instagram, or Discord. Additionally, if you want to be informed when the channel is live via our Discord server, either use ,notified in the commands channel within our server or add the role right at the top of our Discord.

Driver Of The Month | April!

April is over and we start the month of May with 9 years of TruckersMP. But first we would like to announce the drivers of the month. We have chosen the following winners which were the most active members in our family:

Driver Of The Month | Jobs

1st place - Moss4YY • 318,647km
2nd place - Dodgy • 103,986km
3rd place - Erlandsson • 63,932km

Driver Of The Month | Events

1st place - Just Yarne • 59 Points
2nd place - Nicokay9 • 56 Points
3rd place - Anderssnorway • 53 Points

Congrats to all the winners. Have a nice day! ❤

New Members & Staff Changes of GPE

New Members of GPE

Stones [ Driver}
ConorOnFM [Driver]
RED_Funni [Driver]
Timmy [Driver]
loolee [Driver]
BluMellow [Driver]
Truck super [Driver]
boostedxjim [Driver]
RdbrN. [Driver]
seannyb0y1996 [Driver]

Staff Changes

Ludus➔Event Team
Erlandsson➔Event Team
ConorOnFM➔Event Team
Truck Super➔Event Team
HENRIK➔Event Team
Tropical➔Event Team
Stones➔Event Team Kieran➔Event Team

Flynn➔ Public Relations team
Flynn➔ Public Relations Manager

Kind regards,
Golden Phoenix Express | Public Relations Management + Team


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