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Golden Phoenix Express | July Recap

By Iuca   |   05 Aug 2023 12:00 UTC | Updated on 14 Oct 2023 18:55 UTC

Time for the beach ⛱

Our public summer break has now started, this is separate from our Driver Summer Break, that we recently recapped. As we now head to the beach, we will no longer run weekly convoys until August 22nd where we will be trucking along the roads of Promods. Alongside convoys being put on hold, we have a new discord icon for this break, made by our own BluMellow. Why not check it out today in our discord, where you can also find more information about the Summer Break.

Testing Team: 1 month in 📅

It’s been just over one month since we’ve released the testing team who are working alongside our development team to work on bug fixes and provide suggestions that will shape the future of Golden Phoenix Express. Thanks to their hard-work, we plan to open our public test to Drivers very soon, so make sure to keep an eye out! Our new drivers hub will be the first of a couple projects our testing team has early access to, so keep your eyes peeled for when applications reopen if you would like to join!

Exclusive driver benefits 🔒

Our drivers are like one big family, and as such, we provide them with exclusive benefits for choosing to drive with Golden Phoenix Express. We’ve recently added a new Scania S interior, made by Raym. This grey interior is only available to drivers and it is just one of many free save edits that we offer to them. If you like the look of it, why not apply to GPE today!

New Drivers

Aurma [Driver]
BatyMonkey [Driver]
Nami [Driver]
N1ghtridr [Driver]
I’m Cary [Driver]
Sike - Coca - Cola [Driver]
Rage. [Trial Driver]
Pigeon -_- [Trial Driver]
Pensionaru [Trial Driver]
Monsieur patate [Trial Driver]
Nero McKay [Trial Driver]
Pauito [Trial Driver]
GayLittlePuppy [Trial Driver]
Scorpion45 [Trial Driver]
Hajdr11 [Trial Driver]
PatrikoSK #JustČagy [Trial Driver]
MHD Driver [Trial Driver] シ [Trial Driver]

Staff Changes

Astro. [Media Team] → Public
Luca [Driver] → Public Relations Manager
Tιmmy [Media Team] → Public
Dodgy. [Driver] → Recruitment Manager
ZippyTurnips [Public Relations Team] → Driver
ConorOnFM [Public Relations Team] → Event Team
Moss4YY [Driver] → Testing Team
DJenerate [Event Assistant] → Event Manager
Exterreri [Driver] → Media Team
ttv/itspeanutttt [Testing Team] → Event Team
FastTV [Human Resources Manager] → Public
Dodgy. [Recruitment Manager] → Human Resources Manager
KaptanTMP [Public] → Event Team
Truck Super [Event Team] → Public

Kind Regards,
GPE Public Relations Team


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