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June 2023 - Monthly Recap!

By John's Networks Gaming   |   05 Jul 2023 18:00 UTC | Updated on 05 Jul 2023 18:00 UTC

Coastal Transport - June 2023

In June we started off with with 6 members in our team, since this we have grown into 10 members of our VTC. with many events to now attend over the next 7 months with July & August fully booked and September with limited slots available.

We also partnered with JJ Logisitcs VTC and then they merged into us, taking us to the numbers we have today!

Change of Command & User(s) who has left us.

We also had a massive change of command change with AceSteely20 leaving us, & then KWF stepping down to second founder, John's Network Gaming (myself) has taken command of this VTC, with the assistance of KWF & the rest of the team User B R A B U S has now left us after being dismissed following an investigation internally with a casefile written up.

The Future for Coastal Transport!

The Future of Coastal Transport has now been lit up more with us now being Validated and with a fresh new VTC paint job for everyone to look and admire us.

Fancy Joining us?

why not join a unique and professional VTC where we work throughout the day and after an event, you can join us on games where you can have a laugh with all staff and members, we don't force you to just play with us though, we encourage you to play with your friends even if they are in a different VTC.


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