Coastal Transport

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Why join Coastal Transport

By John's Networks Gaming   |   14 Jul 2023 06:58 UTC | Updated on 14 Jul 2023 07:00 UTC

Who are you?

Good question! We're called Coastal Transport, we were formally called ITCC VTC, however we branched out and rebranded our VTC to fit into the TruckersMP community, with loyalty to TruckersMP and ran by Veterans of TruckersMP, we know how to run a VTC.

Who owns the VTC?

The VTC is owned by JohnsNetworkGaming via TruckersMP and Discord, with KWF, Clare and Golf as original founders of this VTC.

Why join us?

We offer a custom tracker and Drivers Hub, with custom profiles for both ETS2 and ATS. we also have events flooding our inbox for us to attend so we will never be event-less for you

Come join the fun today!


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Language: English
Created: 15 Feb 2023 14:35 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
DLCs Required: 0
Owner: kwf1998
Members: 10
Recruitment: Open