Common solutions

Last update: 20 Sep 2021 13:44 UTC
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You are looking for some common solutions which could solve your issue? Here are some tips which could fix your problem!

Launch the game as Administrator

One common solution for many problems is to launch the TruckersMP Launcher as an administrator. This simple step can solve many issues that may occur while playing TruckersMP.

  • Make a right click on the TruckersMP Launcher
  • Choose 'Launch as Administrator'

Launch ETS 2 with DirectX (64-bit)

To launch ETS2MP in DirectX mode; Open your Steam launcher and head over to your Game Library. Choose Euro Truck Simulator 2, hit play and choose Launch with DirectX9 (64-bit) or [...]DirectX11. Please remember that DirectX11 may cause some problems in game as it's still an experimental version. DirectX

Make sure you have the latest .NET Framework version

To download the latest .NET Framework version, head over to the following website:

Reinstall TruckersMP completely

Another solution would be to reinstall TruckersMP completely.

  • Open your Windows Search and search for %programdata%. It should find a folder called %programdata% - open that folder.
  • Once you opened that folder, try to find the folder TruckersMP and delete it.
  • Open your documents and delete the folder(s) ETS2MP / ATSMP
  • Once you have done that, open your windows control panel and head over to programs and features. Once you are in there, delete the TruckersMP Launcher.
  • After that head over to our download page and download the Launcher.
  • Once the launcher is downloaded, run it as Administrator and follow the instructions. Please make sure to enter the correct ETS 2 / ATS path(s)! More informations about reinstalling our Launcher can be found in this article

Verify your game files

In order to verify your game files, you need to open the Steam Launcher. After that head over to your library and make a right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Once you have done that open the Properties and head over to Local Files. After you successfully arrived there, click on "Verify integrity of game files" and wait until Steam is done doing that. You may receive a new download after Steam is done.

What if none of these solutions fixed my problem?

If none of these solutions have fixed your problem, you can take a look at other knowledge base articles, our forum or you can get in touch with our Support Team here.