How to install and use DBus World with TruckersMP

Last update: 18 Aug 2022 12:26 UTC
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This guide will help you through the installation process and give more information on how to use DBus World on our servers. Read through this entire article to get you set up with everything necessary. At the end of this article, you will also find some frequently asked questions that should help answer any queries!

DBus World Client Features

First, we will start with some features that the DBus World Client provides.

  • Implementation of bus lines in-game
  • Logging of your driven lines
  • In-game overlay displaying line information


Knowing all about the features is useless if you don’t have the needed resources installed to use them. So let’s start with the installation process by heading to the DBus World website. If you experience any issues with DBus World, you can find some further guidance on their website here.

  1. Create an account on their website: If you already have one, sign in to your account.
  2. Now download the DBus World Client.
  3. Once you have downloaded the client, run the installer and follow the instructions. Make sure to choose the correct installation and Documents path. If you do not know where your game is installed, click here to find out.
  4. You can skip the installation of “Basic Content” as TruckersMP provides all bus models unless you also want to use DBus World in singleplayer.
  5. After a successful installation, you can start the client. You might be asked to update DLL telemetry files which is required for DBus World to work. You will need to sign in to the client, using the same credentials you used on the DBus World website.
  6. The installation and setup are now complete. Once you start the DBus World Client, you should see this.
    DBus World Client

If prompted, make sure to install the latest telemetry update! To make sure that you have the latest telemetry version, go to “Settings” and click “Download Last Telemetry”.


DBus World Client Hotkeys

Within the client, you can find and set up the keybindings you want to use. You can find these in “Settings”. Keybindings in Settings

Only the “Change window” setting is relevant for using the DBus World Client on our servers. This will switch through the various in-game overlay windows, such as the introduction, a timetable, and line information if you have started a line.

In-Game DBus World Hotkeys

There are also two keybindings available in-game for the overlay. To change them, follow these steps:

  1. Open the game and wait till you see the DBus World overlay open.
  2. Press “Delete” (default key bind) to open a new window. “Plugin Manager”
  3. Go to the “Key Bind” tab, you can change both listed key binds here.

It is possible to hide the overlay completely with one of these commands. The default key for this is ‘End’.

In-Game Default Hotkeys

There are also some key binds you will need in the normal game settings. They are the following:

  • Open Right Window
  • Close Right Window
  • Open Left Window
  • Close Left Window

These key binds are used to open and close the doors of the bus. These will be necessary once you want to let your passengers enter your bus.

How It Works

Once you have set up all the keybindings to your liking, it is time to start transporting passengers!

To get started, launch the DBus World Client before you start TruckersMP. When you have loaded into the game, get your bus ready. If you don’t have a bus yet, you can buy one at any truck dealer in-game (except dealers in the United Kingdom).

Now let’s start a line in the DBus World Client.

  1. ALT+TAB out of your game and open the client.
  2. Select “TruckersMP Bus Routes” as Map.
  3. Decide & select which line you want to run.
  4. Check the line information and timetable on the right side.
  5. Click “Start” and your line will get generated in-game. The client will also now show you the information for your line.
  6. TAB back into the game, and you should see that your navigation now has your route marked out for you. The in-game overlay will also display some information about your current line for you. Starting a Line

Now you can start heading to your first bus stop to pick up your very first passengers.
Once at your bus stop, you will see a marker where you need to park. Loading Marker

Make sure your doors are on the side where the passengers are waiting. Once parked, open your doors using the keybindings you set earlier. There will also be a message in your route advisor reminding you to open your doors. Now your passengers will enter your bus and sit down. Passengers Boarding

Once all passengers have sat down, there will be a message and voice letting you know that all passengers have boarded. And you can head to your next stop. At the end of your line, your job will end and all passengers will depart.

You can then start a new line by repeating the same steps that were explained above.

DBus World Support

While we provide some of the gameplay functionality such as passengers entering the bus, ingame economy and more, DBus World provides the route system, client, and way more.
If you are experiencing issues with the DBus World Client or base functionality, please do not hesitate to contact DBus World support.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Is it possible to drive a custom route in TruckersMP?"

  • Yes! It is possible to create your own custom line across the map. You can find information regarding this by reading our knowledge base article here.

"Can I drive more buses?"

  • At this time there is only one bus available in-game, due to the sheer amount of time and resources it takes to add another vehicle into the game.

"Why is the front of the bus non-collision?"

  • The front of the bus is non-collision to make sure that you can go through each toll gate within the game. Otherwise, the activation point is not accessible when driving a bus at some toll gates. Additionally, it also helps when approaching a steep curb or bump.

"Can I create lines on the ProMods servers?"

  • No, at this moment it is not possible to start lines on the ProMods servers. You must select a line from “TruckersMP Bus Routes” for it to work on our servers.

"I am parked on the white marker to load my passengers, but it isn’t boarding them?"

  • When you are parked at the correct place, make sure that you have opened your doors.
  • Make sure that the doors are on the correct side to let your passengers board, otherwise, it will not allow you to board them.

"Can I use the bus without downloading DBus World?"

  • To get the best playing experience, and make the most use of the exclusive features that have been created in TruckersMP, you will need to install the DBus World Client and use it alongside TruckersMP. This is what we recommend! However, it is technically possible to drive the bus without using the client, although you will not be able to transport any passengers.

"Can I change the text displayed on the front of my bus?"

  • Unfortunately it is not possible to have custom text displayed on the front of your bus. However, you can choose to remove the text entirely if you wish.

”Why does my game not load when I select the “DBus” profile?”

  • When playing TruckersMP, you should select your regular profile. The "DBus” profile you might have installed with the DBus World Client is only used for singleplayer experience and does not work in TruckersMP.

Experiencing other issues?

  • We recommend that you close your game, check your DBus World settings in the client and make sure the paths are correct. You can also try to reinstall the latest telemetry from the DBus World Client. If you still face issues after this, then please take a look here or contact DBus World support on Discord.



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