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While playing TruckersMP, it’s all about driving together with friends and other players from across the globe. You can socialize in 2 different ways while playing, by using the text chat or our built-in CB radio with several channels to choose from.

Both ways of communicating are limited to a range of approximately 500 meters. This means that everyone within that range of your location can see and hear the chat. Once they leave that range they won't receive your messages anymore. Server announcements and private messages are not limited by range.

Text Chat

To send a message in the text chat, hit the "y" button on your keyboard and start typing your message. Once ready, hit enter and your message gets sent. To make it even better, we support private messages between 2 players. You can easily send a message to a single player in private by using the /pm command with the in-game ID of the recipient. Check out this article for more information on commands.

/pm 123 This is a private message to the player with ID 123.

Replying to a private message can be done with the following command, but keep in mind that this will be sent to the last player that sent you a private message.

/r My first reply to the sender This is a reply to the player that messaged you last.

In the text chat, you are also able to mention nearby players. These messages will then be highlighted for the mentioned player within their chat. This can be done by:

@IethaI This will mention the player with the name IethaI.
@123 This will mention the player with the in-game ID 123.

The text chat can also be used to gather player info if needed, this can be useful when you want to report a player on our website at a later time. This can be done with the following command:

/pinfo 123 This will give you information on the player with ID 123.

Voice Chat

If you want to take the experience to another level, you can use the voice chat and talk in one of the many available CB radio channels, ranging from 1 to 20. Selecting channel 0 will disable the CB radio, disallowing you to hear or speak to anyone. Make sure your microphone is set up correctly on your computer and consult the TAB settings for further adjustments. Talking can be done by holding the "x" key.



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