Why have the save editing rules been changed? [Road to Simulation]

Last update: 30 Sep 2019 17:17 UTC
Short link to this article: https://truckersmp.com/kb/323

The save editing rules were changed drastically within the Road to Simulation update, and we have listened to the community that they want clarity as to what is and isn't allowed now and the reasons behind us making these changes.

What has changed and why

  • Floating parts on trucks or trailers are no longer allowed. This change was made for the purposes of pushing save editing into being of mods which are physically possible, even if they are unlikely to happen in real life. This rule does not apply on Arcade servers.

  • Only default trailer combinations are allowed. The main example which the community has commented on are the triple trailers which are no longer allowed in ETS2; these had issues with handling, size and were not realistic to ETS2.

  • Duplicate parts are now allowed as long as there is not an excessive amount. This is one of the biggest changes, and it has now opened up the opportunity to do many mods which were banned under the previous rules. As general advice, we recommend a limit of 5 duplicate items in total on a truck or trailer.

  • Certain trailers are not permitted to be in modified double or triple trailer combinations. Heavy cargo DLC, Forest Machinery DLC and the ATS "saddle-mounted" trucks are the trailers in question. Simulation and handling are the main reasons these have been removed, as in the previous rules there were many instances of combinations which could barely fit or didn't fit on the road at all.

  • Parts which clip into each other are no longer allowed. This is again mainly for the purposes of simulation, and as such, this rule does not apply on Arcade servers. Minor clipping as seen on hybrid trucks is permitted as it is unavoidable and we do not wish to ban hybrid trucks for a minor visual issue.

Has save editing being ruined by these changes?

This is something we have heard said by some people, and we fully disagree. While we have blocked certain trailer combinations for the reasons listed above, we have also allowed a lot more in for both trucks and trailers, primarily by allowing flexibility with duplicate parts - you can now use save editing to customize your truck more finely than before. So overall we feel we have not ruined save editing, but we have made changes to make it better while still fitting in a simulation environment.


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