Guide to safe save editing

Last update: 08 Feb 13:57 UTC
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Save Editing rules

This guide will help you understand in detail how save editing rules work in order to cover up eventual questions you might have and provide some visual examples to understand what is allowed and what is not allowed.

§3.1 - Mixing vehicle parts and §3.2 - Interior and exterior items

  • It is not permitted to mix parts between truck, trailers and cars. Any truck parts can be used on any truck, any trailer parts can be used on any trailer.
  • It is not permitted to use items intended for the exterior of a truck on the interior, or items intended for the interior on the exterior.

These two rules are quite simple, it is not permitted in any way to mix items or specific accessories for trucks, trailers or cars; placing items intended for the interior of a truck on the exterior and viceversa isn't allowed either. The most frequent violations we see that are factually against the rules are using truck wheels on trailers, placing truck lights on trailers or having beacons inside the cabin. The rule §3.1 forbids mixing items, however you're still allowed to put items that are exclusive for certain trucks onto other trucks, for example the Scania R bullbar can be used on another truck, if that doesn't go against other save editing rules such as §3.3.

beacon inside cabin
truck wheel on trailer
Scania bull bar on DAF

§3.3 - Floating and clipping parts

It is not permitted to use parts which float from the truck or trailer, such as floating cargo models (even if only one object in the model is floating). It is not permitted to use any parts which cause models to clip through each other, such as a cargo model which clips through the truck cab - minor clipping such as between the parts of a hybrid truck are permitted. Using duplicate parts to link a floating bumper to a truck is not permitted.

This rule is quite complex due to the endless possibilities this rule gives to players. The point of this rule is to allow for more customization while still keeping a simulative environment, hence why items that will be clipping excessively or floating outside a vehicle won't be tolerated. In regards to clipping items, the most common violations we see are big sideskirts partially hiding truck wheels or clipping into them or mixing cargoes into trailers. Those are considered as excessive and are not accepted. Minor clipping such as keeping a roofbar slightly below the roof of the truck in order to hide it, or keeping two lower bar that slightly clip together are accepted if done accordingly.

Long sideskirt clipping wheels
Cargo clipping
Roof bar inside the roof of the truck with small lights
Clipping chassis
Lower bar clipping

Floating items are also a rather wide topic and we often get asked about them over the feedback system. Keep in mind that rules currently allow for one duplicate at most on the whole truck, so violating the floating item rule becomes more difficult. Anything that is not physically attached to the truck is not allowed, regardless of it being connected through another item, the same goes for cargoes on trailers.

Floating lower bar
Floating lower bar covered with duplicate
Allowed floating lower bar
Floating roof bar
Cargo floating

§3.4 - Trailer combinations

It is only permitted to use a trailer combination which is default within each game. Mixing different trailer types in doubles/triples is not permitted. The maximum length of any trailer combination must not exceed the length of the longest default combination ("HCT" for ETS2 and "Turnpike Double" for ATS, see images below) - using a longer trailer on any combination is permitted if it is within this length. Heavy Cargo DLC trailers, Forest Machinery DLC trailers and ATS "Saddle-mounted trucks" are included within this rule and therefore must be in default combinations. Mixing different colors of the ATS "Saddle-mounted trucks" is permitted.

Allowed combinations for ETS2 (styles and sizes will vary)

Allowed combinations for ATS (styles and sizes will vary)

This rule is also quite straightforward. Only default SCS' made trailer combinations are allowed. Anything else is not allowed. Rules do not allow mixing trailer types either on doubles and triples combinations. Cargoes can be changed in single trailer combinations. In order to clear out the wording:

  • Trailer - Umpowered vehicle towed by the truck
  • Trailer type - Category of the trailer such as, tanker, freezer trailer, log trailer, dollies, etc.
  • Cargo - The items carried by the trailer, which vary on the trailer type

Below, you can find some examples of trailers.

Double with mixed trailer type
Triple trailer
Double trailer with dolly as second trailer
Double with mixed cargo 1
Double with mixed cargo 2
Double with mixed cargo 3

§3.5 - Affecting other players

If a mod you are using is found to be affecting other players, you can be banned and required to remove the mod. This includes mods which cause you to lose control of your vehicle and/or trailer(s) and cause a collision. You are only permitted to use one duplicate item per vehicle. This is one duplicate maximum on the truck, and one duplicate maximum on each trailer. Having a truck and/or trailer without a duplicate does not allow you to use more than one duplicate on another vehicle. Accessories and Addon Hookups both count towards this maximum; it is one duplicate overall and not one of each. A high amount of duplicate horns to make your truck louder is also not allowed under this rule, horns are only permitted to be placed on default positions. Beacon lights are only permitted on default positions - on the roof of trucks or on the dedicated slot on the rear of trailers which support it (not the bumper slots). High amounts of blinking lights can also cause issues and as such can come under this rule.

This rule includes a big change over previous save editing rules. Countless abuse of the rules have forced us to impose a limit on how many duplicates can be put on a truck or a trailer. Currently rules allow only for one (1) duplicate on the whole truck and one (1) duplicate on each trailer in a combination. This still allows you to create fancy bumpers or bullbar combinations. The other items mentioned in the rule, beacons, horns and blinking lights go on a case basis. However anything that might cause lag for beacons, or be too loud for horns, might be banned.

Too many horns
Too many dupes
Green lights
Item stacking
Allowed duplicate item bull bar
Allowed duplicate item lower bar
Allowed duplicate item trailer

§3.6 - Local only mods

Local only accessories are not permitted for use in TruckersMP due to possible affects on other players. Local only addon hookups are permitted for use as these cannot affect other players. Local only mods are permitted to look any way wanted, including floating/clipping parts, looking like duplicates and similar. Local only parts must not have collision.

Local only modifications are currently automatically kicked from our servers. However there's a secondary way to make use of local mods which is allowed if done according to the rules. A guide explaining how this can be done safely will be made available soon on our forums.

Hopefully this guide will help you understand what is allowed and what not. Before joining our servers, remember the rule §3.7:

§3.7 - Disclaimer

Make sure that all mods you are using comply with these rules. You are responsible for all the modifications you decide to apply. If your modifications go against these rules you might face a punishment. If you are unsure whether your mod is allowed or not, create a feedback ticket under the Game Management category before going in-game. If a mod you use (regardless of origin) is found to be a cause of you losing control of your vehicle and collide with another player, you are liable to be banned for reckless driving.