Report System FAQ

Last update: 19 Jan 2019 08:45 UTC
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Q: I made a report, why hasn't it been dealt with yet?

A: At times, our queue can get pretty big which will delay response time. But do not worry because every report will get dealt with eventually, no report goes unchecked.

Q. If my report is declined, will my report rating (the number of reports I can file) be reduced?

A: Not necessarily. The way your report is being rated depends on the quality of the report, not the result of the report. There are various reasons as to why a report might be rejected but a positive rating is still given.

Q: A warning shows that the ID is low. Does that mean my report is incorrect?

A: No. This means that you should double check that you are not putting in the in-game ID instead of the TruckersMP ID.

Q: A warning shows that I am reporting a staff member. Does that mean my report is incorrect?

A: Yes. The system does not allow staff members to be reported. If you find a staff member did something wrong or questionable, please submit a feedback ticket with evidence.

Q: Why can I only create10 reports?

A: Moderation staff is being asked to rate the quality of the reports. This is being used to help get rid of the majority of useless reports that currently come through the system. The more good reports you submit, the more you will be able to report in the future. The more bad reports you submit, the less you will be able to report, to the point where you are no longer able to.

Q: I have reached my limit on the report system, what must I do?

A: You must wait for some of your reports to be dealt with. Once some of your reports have gained positive points from an admin, you will have a higher report limit.

Q: I've been banned from using the report system. What do I do now?

A: Please find out here how to contact upper staff here.

Q: My report has now been dealt with. Can I remove the evidence from my social media accounts?

A: No. The evidence must be available for the length of ban PLUS 1 month. This is to make sure the banned user can properly appeal their ban. Please note that removing evidence early could result in your report rights being removed. For further information, please refer to §1.4 of our rules.