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Viva at Drive4Life 2021

By [VIVA] Aiden Z   |   12 Apr 21:04 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 22:21 UTC

Drive4Life 2021!

This year's Drive4Life event was one of the biggest yet, and as always, Viva attended! During the start of the event, we had a good number of Drivers who attended, but there were a few that managed to survive the entire 24 hours which is a massive achievement, and congratulations! Below are all of the Drivers that made it the full 24 hours!

  • [VIVA] Dee
  • [VIVA HH] SaltedDragon
  • Matty
  • NumberHunter91
  • reddragon
  • Kniffen
  • Rhedux
  • kartim388
  • Jake F.
  • freshlybakedgaming
  • Abdul786x


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