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IMPORTANT: How to Apply to Viva's TMP VTC Page

By [VIVA] Quad   |   17 Aug 2019 19:15 UTC

Click on the image above to watch our video on how to apply.

As Viva Trucking's operations are tied in with our DriversHub, we require all prospective applicants to apply at You can learn more about our application process on our website.

If you have applied to Viva and are currently a Trainee or higher, it is required to apply to this VTC page so that you can receive your Viva Trucking TMP tag along with being added to the member list. When applying, you are only required to provide: YOUR VIVA NAME and YOUR VIVA PROFILE LINK. If you apply and you do not have the following requirements, your account will not be accepted. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a Viva Trucking Staff member on Discord.

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