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🚗TW_B.A.P_VTC l November Monthly Public Convoy l 2020/11/14🚗

By [B.A.P A-03] RNie*Founder   |   14 Nov 2020 13:51 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 22:21 UTC

╠═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╣ ╠═活動名稱:TW_B.A.P VTC November Monthly Public Convoy ╠═主辦單位:TW_B.A.P VTC ╠═協辦單位:ETS2MCG VTC ╠═伺服器:SGP Simulation ╠═活動時間:11/14 ╠═集合時間:晚上8.00 ╠═出發時間:晚上8.30 ╠═中途休息:無 ╠═結束時間:晚上10:30 ╠═集合地點:布拉格 (Stein Brush) ╠═結束地點:加萊(港口) ╠═總路長: 1109公里 ╠═╬═╬═╬═╬═注意事項╬═╬═╬═╬═╣ ╠═★嚴禁違反MP規則! ╠═★嚴禁開SII改車輛! ╠═★嚴禁使用加速器或穿透之外掛程式! ╠═★嚴禁做出超車及逼車之行為! ╠═★若有任何問題或糾紛請找主辦單位處理! ╠═★車隊中若有成員會Lag請告知主辦單位! ╠═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╣

╠═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╣ ╠═Activity name: TW_B.A.P VTC November Monthly Public Convoy ╠═Organizer: TW_B.A.P VTC ╠═Co-organizer: ETS2MCG VTC ╠═Server: SGP Simulation ╠═Activity time: 11/14 ╠═Gathering time: 8.00 pm ╠═Departure time: 8.30 pm ╠═Have a break: None ╠═End time: 10:30 pm ╠═Meeting location: Prague (Stein Brush) ╠═End location: Calais (port) ╠═Total road length: 1109 kilometers ╠═╬═╬═╬═╬═Notes╬═╬═╬═╬═╣ ╠═★violating MP rules is strictly prohibited! ╠═★It is strictly prohibited to drive SII to change vehicles! ╠═★It is strictly prohibited to use accelerators or penetrating plug-ins! ╠═★It is strictly forbidden to overtake and force cars! ╠═★If you have any questions or disputes, please contact the organizer for handling! ╠═★If any member of the team will meet Lag, please inform the organizer! ╠═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╣


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