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💖賀! ! !-TW_B.AP™VTC-交通運輸公司於2020/11/22和竹虎運輸交通(股)公司簽約合作!

By [B.A.P A-03] RNie*Founder   |   12 Dec 2020 06:07 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 22:21 UTC

竹虎運輸交通(股)公司是本車隊第一間的合作車隊,非常感謝竹虎運輸交通(股)公司所有隊員和本公司進行合作,讓車隊更加歡樂,也非常歡迎各VTC蒞臨本公司 一起遊玩

竹虎運輸交通(股)公司 is the first cooperative team of the team. Thank you very much for all the team members of Old Stance for cooperation with the company to make the team more happy. We also welcome all VTCs to join the company to play together



VTC Link : https://truckersmp.com/vtc/30563


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