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1.41 for both games is now supported!

We are happy to announce support for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator 1.41!


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Language: English
Created: 13 Jul 2019 14:35 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: [VIVA] Quad
Members: 988
Recruitment: Open

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Viva Trucking Fifth Anniversary

Viva Trucking Fifth Anniversary

25 Sep 12:00 UTC


Truckfest And Convoy

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Latest VTC Posts

Viva Trucking Fifth Anniversary (Viva 5)

Join us Saturday, September 25th for a day full of fun and surprises with giveaways and an action-packed convoy. We hope to see you there!

  |   23 Jul 21:02 UTC   |   [VIVA] Aiden Z

IMPORTANT: How to Apply to Viva's TMP VTC

This will cover how to join our TMP VTC. This is an important step in the process of becoming a Driver as it ensures you are verified as a member of Viva Trucking in the eyes of TMP.

  |   01 Jul 20:37 UTC   |   [VIVA] Quad

Viva Trucking | About Us | Learn more about Viva Trucking

Viva Trucking is a unique VTC that was founded on the ideals to change the way Virtual Trucking is today. With our own custom DriversHub, independent software, custom mods, and much more, we offer many amenities to make your time on the road more exciting. Learn more by clicking on me.

  |   01 Jul 20:29 UTC   |   [VIVA] Quad

Gallery Spotlights | July

Each month our dedicated Drivers upload their most stunning in-game images to our DriversHub to share their experiences when out on the road. Other Drivers can then vote on which images they believe are the best for each month. Here are this month's top Gallery pics!

31 Jul 17:08 UTC   |   [VIVA] Aiden Z

Coming and Going

Well, July has been a very busy and unique month so far here at Viva Trucking. Some cool events have come and gone to include the Dementia UK that was held on July 3rd. Viva Events Staff put on a 4th of July convoy to deliver some fireworks (they did keep a safe distance from the fireworks while they watched the show). Velocity Convoys invited Viva Trucking to their first-ever event on July 10th (Good luck and hope to see more). Demir Logistics celebrated their 4th back on July 18th! Congrats!

21 Jul 13:24 UTC   |   [VIVA] Aiden Z



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In order to apply, you have to meet a list of company requirements. Below are the requirements. Image

  • Must own an official version of ATS or ETS2
  • Must be 16 years or older (Lower age groups prohibited)
  • Must be willing to fill out trucking logs
  • Must speak English
  • More than 50 hours in either ATS or ETS2
  • Must have any TMP bans/offenses publicly viewable (for application purposes only)


Department Manager
Department Manager
[VIVA] Matty
[VIVA] Matty
Department Manager
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