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Drivers of the month (April)

By Anas trucker.   |   13 May 00:21 UTC | Updated on 13 May 00:25 UTC

In (April) , all our drivers worked hard to be in the first place this month in Our job logger,

and the top three players for this month, that manged to get these ranks with effort are:

in the 1st place is:Btoushwith a distance of: **50 276 km **Real.

in the 2nd place :KGT{}PLAY with a distance of: 33 686 km Real

in the 3rd place :Venom with a distance of: 25 623 km Real

Congratulations for everyone

sorry for those who didnt win this month,we wish you good luck next month.

Kind regards,


(T Q D Founder)


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