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  • 队伍将分为两批:第一批躲藏(七个人),第二批寻找
  • 本次活动在英国举行

  • 躲藏的五个人藏在英国境内任何区域其他人在多佛港口集合
  • 规定时间:20:35开始,21:35结束
  • 20:35之前躲藏的人藏好(不能更换区域,游戏开始后不能更换位置,不能下线)
  • 20:35后多佛港口内的人就可以开始找(所有人多佛港口出发,不能飞车库,不能查看实时地图,只能开着车路上跑着找,找到人后不能报点)
  • 找到人后,截图拍照,集齐七人照片则为胜利


Organiser:Lutu Team

  • The team will be divided into two groups: the first group to hide (seven people), the second group to seek
  • The event was held in the UK

  • The five people in hiding are hiding in any area of the UK. The others gather in Dover port
  • Set time:20:35 start, 21:35 finish
  • Hide the people who were hiding before 20:35 (can't change the area, can't change the location after the game starts, can't go offline)
  • After 20:35, people in the Dover port can start looking for them (everyone departs from the Dover port, can't teleport to the garage, can't view the real-time map, can only drive on the road to find them, and can't report the point after finding someone)
  • After finding the person, take a photo and collect all seven photos to win




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