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Bluebell Logistics | VTC Trailer

By .Rhys.   |   20 Mar 10:13 UTC

Bluebell Logistics trailer to be watched by the public, willing to join, or not, and most definitely, staff.

About Us

Bluebell Logistics is a newly-established VTC founding on 20th March, 2020. We are new but experienced in the virtual trucking atmosphere. Our aim is to develop a new culture of virtual trucking in a simple manner that provides a open environment for drivers to communicate and hanging out each other. We are now introducing new features that assuring every driver in Bluebell Logistics can get the best experience among the VTC atmosphere.

Thanks to DreamFlyer for assisting to create this trailer with me. We're both proud of this trailer with the time we had within game. However, in the future, we do aim to achieve a 5 minute or longer video, with more area's, different trucks, different trailers/loads and most importantly, more drivers.

Hope you enjoy the trailer.

View our trailer here


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Created: 02 Mar 11:55 UTC
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