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中国TRT车队友谊联运/China TRT Team friendly convoy

By OhYeahThatsGood   |   12 Aug 2020 12:37 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC


From the first 4 people to the present, the combined transportation has reached 20 person-times and the team members have reached more than 70 person-times. It can be seen that the team management is attentive. The initial six-person combined transportation and now more than 20 people combined transportation show that the development of the team is getting better and better. For this reason, we hold the 8.11 Friendship Combined Transport Activity, congratulations on the half-year establishment of the TRT team! I am also very grateful to the teams for taking the time to participate in the friendship joint transportation activities of the TRT team for half a year!

此次活动由TRT车队举办,服务器:【SGP】Simulation,发车时间:20:30.我们将从布达佩斯城堡出发,前往格但斯克的货场LKW,全程约为940多公里。参加此次活动车队的有:烽火车队,TRT车队,RK车队,COS车队,GTR车队,鸿轩车队。 最后联运结束,我们再次感谢各个车队来参加此次友谊联运活动,祝TRT车队成立半年快乐,也祝各个车队一路长虹!

This event is organized by the TRT team, server: [SGP] Simulation, departure time: 20:30. We will depart from Budapest Castle to the cargo yard LKW in Gdansk, the whole journey is about 940 kilometers. The teams participating in this event are: 烽火车队,TRT车队,RK车队,COS车队,GTR车队,鸿轩车队. At the end of the intermodal transport, we once again thank the teams for participating in this friendship intermodal event. We wish the TRT team a happy half-year, and wish all the teams a great success!

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