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Tag: |T.R.T| VTC
Language: Chinese
Created: 08 Mar 14:33 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: [TR-Team]*CEO_qinghu
Members: 69
Recruitment: Open

Latest VTC Posts

2020年4月30日,车队全体成员召开会议/30th April 2020, all members in TRT Team took part in a meeting

我们更改了一些规章制度,并于5月1日开始实施 We have edited some rules which will be activated on 1st May

01 May 13:31 UTC   |   [TR-Team]-CIO-イリヤ

2020年4月30日友谊联运/30th April 2020 friendly convoy

在4月的最后一天,TRT和COS. HXT举行了一次友谊联运,增加各个车队之间的友谊,增加各个车队之间的联系 On the last day of April, TRT, COS, and HXT had held a friendly convoy which enhanced the friendship between us.

01 May 13:23 UTC   |   [TR-Team]-CIO-イリヤ

2020年4月29日,TRT车队更换队标/29th April 2020 TRT Team changed the Team Logo

同时我们也启用了新的规章制度 We have activated new rules at the same time

30 Apr 11:31 UTC   |   [TR-Team]-CIO-イリヤ

2020年4月26日中国车队联盟第21次联运活动/26th April 2020, China Team Alliance 21st Convoy

每个月的中国车队联盟的联运活动,都能够让我们大开眼界 The convoy held by China Team Alliance, which gain huge surprise to us.

27 Apr 12:10 UTC   |   [TR-Team]-CIO-イリヤ

2020年4月25日TRT车队重载联运/25th April 2020, TRT Team heavy cargo convoy

虽然困难重重,但我们依然顺利完成了联运! Although we suffered much trouble, we still finished the convoy successfully at last!

26 Apr 02:20 UTC   |   [TR-Team]-CIO-イリヤ



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