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Experiencing kernel error or random crashes on TruckersMP Island?

If you're experiencing KERNEL issues or other random crashes on TruckersMP Island please remove the Grimes Spring Weather Mod from your mod folder.

For more information how to install/remove the spring mod please read this article.

We will continue to investigate the issue but for now believe it's related to the spring weather mod.


Tag: |T.R.T| VTC
Language: Chinese (Simplified)
Created: 08 Mar 2020 14:33 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
DLCs Required: 0
Owner: [TR-Team]*CEO_qinghu
Members: 80
Recruitment: Open

Latest VTC Posts

Food for the Poor Event | 20 June 2020

Thanks for all the organizers and managers that presented this wonderful event to us.

20 Jun 2020 17:38 UTC   |   [TR-Team]*EM_Edmund

TRT车队成立五个月了!/TRT team is already five months old!

很高兴我们车队能稳定发展,这多亏了每个人的努力! I am very happy that our team can develop steadily, thanks to everyone's efforts!

14 Jun 2020 10:46 UTC   |   OhYeahThatsGood



14 May 2020 20:25 UTC   |   OhYeahThatsGood

2020年5月9日TRT车队远洋车队友谊联运/9th May 2020 TRT Team and COS Team friendly convoy

非常感谢cos远洋车队邀请TRT车队参加本次友谊联运活动 We feel thankful that COS Team can invite us to take part in the convoy

11 May 2020 15:08 UTC   |   OhYeahThatsGood

2020年5月1日友谊联运/1st May 2020 friendly convoy

迎接五月的到来,五月你好,我们将不忘初心,继续前行。 Welcome, May, hello, may, we will not forget our original heart and go straightforward

01 May 2020 15:17 UTC   |   OhYeahThatsGood



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1 .年满十八周岁

2 .不指定dlc

3 .稳定在线,听指挥(玻璃心绕道)

4 .了解并接受TruckersMP官方规则。


1. truckersmp个人信息页截图(包含封禁记录)


DLC Requirements

No DLCs Required


Overseas Affairs Manager
[TR/Team]*HRD-Xin Ye
[TR/Team]*HRD-Xin Ye
Senior Human Resources Staff
Support Manager
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