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Tag: |T.R.T| VTC
Language: Chinese
Created: 08 Mar 14:33 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: [TR-Team]*CEO_qinghu
Members: 69
Recruitment: Open

Latest VTC Posts

中国TRT车队成立三个月纪念联运/China TRT Team Three months old commemorative convoy

很高兴,本车队能成立三个月并较为稳定的发展,此次联运本车队以接力赛的形式联运并取得圆满成功! It is really exciting that our team is three months old and keeps developing step by step. This time we decided to hold the convoy as relay racing and we gained a huge success!

11 Apr 20:36 UTC   |   [TR-Team]-CIO-イリヤ

2020年4月5日TRT车队-ST车队友谊联运/TRT Team - ST Team friendly convoy on 5th April 2020

开一段路,遇一些人。看到美丽的世界,领略绚丽的风景,悟得一种自由叫与心有关。愿TRT车队-ST车队友谊长存…… Drive on the road, meet some people, see the beautiful world, experience brilliant viewpoints and understand freedom which is related to the heart. We hope the friendship between TRT Team and ST Team can be forever.

08 Apr 18:05 UTC   |   [TR-Team]-CIO-イリヤ

中国TRT车队,CDT车队,SK车队2020年4月3日友谊联运/China TRT Team, CDT Team SK Team friendly convoy in 3rd April 2020

很荣幸我们车队能够举办这场联运活动并取得圆满成功,感谢CDT车队和SK车队的参加,希望我们车队之间友谊长存 We feel proud that our team can hold this convoy and gain huge success, we also really appreciated that CDT Team and SK Team can take part in our convoy. Our team hope the friendship between us can be kept forever

03 Apr 16:47 UTC   |   [TR-Team]-CIO-イリヤ

中国欧卡2联盟第20次大型联运活动/The Chinese ETS2 Union 20th large convoy

此次活动约有14个车队,280人参加 There are around 14 teams and 280 members took part in the convoy

22 Mar 19:19 UTC   |   [TR-Team]-CIO-イリヤ

中国RK车队一周年联运图片分享/China RK Team One Year Convoy media sharing

很开心本车队能参加贵车队的周年活动,也恭喜贵车队活动圆满成功! I am very happy that our team can participate in the anniversary event of your team, and congratulations on your success!

21 Mar 23:02 UTC   |   [TR-Team]-CIO-イリヤ



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