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By EchoSpot   |   26 Sep 18:29 UTC

Soarfly are currently running some internal surveying to see which direction we should take the VTC. After only 1 day, we are confident that some changes need to be made to how we operate, so here are our first few changes.

Testing Procedure

Over the coming couple of week, we will be re-writing the driving test and the procedures to make things both quicker and easier on new drivers and our assessment team. We aim to make the testing elements simpler and form a more efficient way of dealing with applications.


We need to recruit more staff! We will happily take on new staff from outside the company providing they follow the set procedure for external hires. The staff we need are:

  • Test Assessment Staff
  • Drivers! (obviously)


  • We will take another look at our rules and simplify them where possible to come up with a short and concise rule-set that's easy to follow.
  • We will look at driver requirements and see if we can also simplify those
  • We will look into other areas that we can simplify rules and requirements without effecting our VTC values


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