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By EchoSpot   |   29 Jun 19:30 UTC

We are currently looking for a Public Relations Officer to take control of our Media team and ensure the production of unique and graphically inspiring content.

As the public relations officer you will deal entirely with the public image of Soarfly Haulage by working with your media team to ensure that new content is made and published via all social outlets including TruckersMP, Facebook and Discord.

Supervising and monitoring the progress of the creation of videos, photographs and other public facing assets.

The recruitment for the Media Team is also under your control.

During official SFH events, you will make sure that your team is on the scene to take awesome footage for social media memories or to celebrate a successful event afterwards.

💪 Responsibilities

  • Design, write, and post public company correspondence
  • Leadership of the Media team including training
  • Social media presence and monitoring
  • Ensures all media is created to a high standard

✨ Requirements

  • Extensive knowledge and experience managing social media channels
  • A strong work ethic and leadership skills
  • Motivational
  • Creative
  • Inspiring


Tag: SFH
Language: English
Created: 29 Mar 21:07 UTC
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Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
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