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Join us at: PRIDE 2020

By EchoSpot   |   03 Jun 00:47 UTC


Join us on the 19th June to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community during pride month 2020

The event will start off in Taranto, Italy and after 5 routes will end in Nantes, France!

we're so excited to take part in such a great looking event, if you're coming, be sure to look out for us in slot 10 of the truckfest, right next to the entrance of ACC.

We encourage you to join the discord

And don't forget to show your support to the event and sign up

Date: 19th June 2020

Truckfest: ACC, Taranto @ 16:15 BST

Convoy Start: 17:00 BST

Server: PRIDE 2020

Route 1

Start Time: 17:00 BST

Departure: Taranto, ACC

Destination: Terni, ACC

Route 2

Start Time: 18:30 BST

Departure: Terni, ACC

Destination: Genoa, Container Port

Route 3

Start Time: 20:00 BST

Departure: Genoa, Container Port

Destination: Turin, Transinet

Route 4

Start Time: 21:30 BST

Departure: Turin, Transinet

Destination: Bourges, GlobEur

Route 5

Start Time: 23:00

Departure: Bourges, GlobEur

Destination: Nantes, Karrfor


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