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The Lockdown Relaxation and Soarfly

By EchoSpot   |   29 Jun 19:35 UTC

As governments begin to relax their lockdown restrictions, many people are now returning to work; but not everyone is able to, so what does this mean for our team and our vtc?

What's the Situation?

  • Some of our management team have still been working through the entire pandemic, and those that haven't, are now returning to work.
  • Those of us working are often working extra shifts or longer shifts to cover for colleagues that haven't returned to work.
  • Time is a valuable commodity, with a lot of our management (and drivers) working longer hours, we are encouraging them to spend quality time with family also.

What this means for the VTC?

  • Applications may take a little longer to deal with, although we still encourage those who would like to apply, to do so. Our team are fully prepared to deal with all applications as soon as is possible. (usually answered within 12 hours)
  • Driver requirements are being relaxed until the end of September.
  • We will still be planning internal company convoys, but will be cutting this down to 1 convoy per month until the end of September.
  • We will delay certain internal developments of the company until our management are at full commitment.

The management have made these changes to the company to ensure that our members and our team are making the most of their time, and in some cases getting the rest they need to function day to day. We appreciate the support and understanding from our members and the wider community during these difficult times.


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