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SEMS is back!

By xOdi   |   06 Aug 14:31 UTC

Soarfly Haulage are please to announce the return of one of the greatest event teams the community has ever seen; Soarfly Event Management Service, or SEMS for short.

You may or may not remember SEMS, but you may know their previous work from Haulage 64 and our Soarfly Friday Convoys. We even produced some of the greatest event managers of all time and revolutionized not only the events you see now, but the way the operations work at most of them.

Now that our VTC is set and has started rolling, we think it's now time to really return to our roots and produce some amazing convoys, run to the highest standard. This takes a lot of preparation to make it a success, so SEMS is now hiring!

Our event service doesn't work without the amazing people behind it, and that could be you. We will accept those with yeas of experience, and those who are total newbies, as long as you're willing to be a team player and believe that success is in the standards, you're probably right for our team!

side note: you don't have to join the vtc to be a member of SEMS

Have some questions? Feel free to contact us via our website:

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