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Nmerous updates

By Domdom22x   |   10 Oct 2020 22:43 UTC

About Numerous updates

It has been a few weeks since our last news post and since then we have been hard at work not just growing as a VTC with some great recruitment work, but also there has been some numerous updates here and there to various bits and pieces which are:

Web site overhaul: Another major improvement was to our website of which is still currently having ongoing improvements here and there, our site now looks a lot cleaner and easier to read / navigate as there is a lot more information on their now than there were previously.

Our Discord server: This is yet another thing that has seen some improvements here and there, of which will be finalized by Monday as there are plans to update the majority of the channel list. The Discord roles have already had an overhaul as there are a lot less roles now for our drivers & staff than there was before and this is due to the fact that there were too many sub-roles so those have now been combined into one on the server. The server now has a custom invitation banner also, having had a good boost from myself (Sully) with new emoji's uploaded also.

Our rules: Our rules have also had a major overhaul as some sub-rules have now been combined into one.

We have now gone over 20+ drivers / staff in total now within the VTC which is a great thing to see and I hope that we continue to grow and meet new people, as it is part of our mission to try and get ourselves verified by TruckersMP before the end of the year if we reach our goal of 50+ drivers / staff.


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