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**Tango Updates**

By Domdom22x   |   15 Feb 2021 02:06 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

Driver's Hub: Tango Transport now has it's very ow driver's hub this is an organised space where some events are listed and all of our team are on there. It has been a long process which our drivers have requested from us but as we say we are the people's VTC so we do what we can to make our driver's happy. This is also a great achievement for us as our CEO and COO have been working hard on the Driver's Hub non stop and it is great to finally see it fall in place.

Tango Tracker: Tango Transport also now have it's own fully functional tracker after our management team have been through the process of testing multiple tracker's. This is also something our driver's and staff requested from us and we are happy to announce to them that it is ow fully operational and working to the standard which we hoped it would. Again this is another achievement for us as our management team have worked tirelessly on it.

Thank you for reading Tango Transports Updates.

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