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China's RF Motorcade Rules

By *R·F*Club-Wang   |   04 Apr 2020 07:07 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

This is the VTC for the China European Truck Simulation 2 RF team. RF is RagingFire, which translates as a raging fire, also known as the Fire Club. It is hoped that every member who comes in can burn like a raging fire, so that others can see their own bright spots, and the ever-lasting fire is always moving forward. There is no DLC requirement for joining the team, only the genuine body and microphone are required to be clear. Inside the team, there will be intra-team intermodal transportation on Saturdays and a large-scale intermodal transportation activity will be held once a month. There will be special receptionists in the team group to receive you. In addition, there are various detailed tutorials waiting for you to check. The name format of the team TMP official website is:*R·F*Club -XXXgame prefix format is:[Raging Fire]two spaces in the middle of the game, and the color is yellow! The format of the group name is RF and XX. It is necessary to ensure that the group name matches the name of plug-in official website. Each team member is officially admitted to the team only if he/she joins the vtc of tmp official website. He/she can participate in large-scale intermodal transport activities. If he/she does not join the vtc of tmp official website team, he/she cannot participate in large-scale intermodal transport activities. For specific methods of joining the vtc of TMP team, he/she can ask the team manager. In the process of large-scale intermodal transport, no overtaking, no collision, no swearing, no walkie-talkies. If there is any violation, the consequences will be at your own risk. You should strictly abide by the rules and arrangements for each large-scale intermodal transport. The official QQ group of the team: 875889624YY Channel:24020275All members of the team are warmly welcome to join us at any time. Thank you! .



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