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Staff Department Changes

By [FORZA] iamRHT   |   24 Sep 16:00 UTC

Greetings everyone!
Some changes have been made to the staff departments of our Forza. Have a look.

Board of Directors

Lately, we've realized that at this very moment, the VTC does not really need a board of directors. When we initially introduced the board of directors it was because we deemed it necessary. But lately, we've noticed that the directors don't have a lot of work to do. In this case, we've decided to transfer them to their choice of staff department(s) so that we can use their help in different matters of the VTC.
If in the future we think it is necessary to re-establish the board of directors, we'll gladly do so.

Media Department

Media Department has now been renamed to the Marketing Department. This staff department is responsible for producing high-quality in-game pictures and/or videos, producing advertisement related graphics, and streaming important events. One specific person in this department would also have access to our social media accounts.


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