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By [FORZA] iamRHT   |   30 Nov 2020 10:52 UTC

There's something we've been working on and it's a huge deal for us and a huge step ahead. We've been teasing it for the past couple of months. It's something that takes a lot of time, effort, and money. We're completely reliant on donations and that is why it's getting slightly tough for us to pay for everything related to the project. We've made a few changes to our support system. All of our donation money is spent on things related to the VTC and none of us take anything from it. However, please don't feel obliged to donate. If you'd like to help us grow by supporting us financially, please have a look at the support us channel in our discord server.

1. Supporters Page

We'll soon create a webpage on where we'll display all of our supporters with a thank-you message as a token of appreciation.

2. New Patreon Tier

We now have a new patreon tier. For more information, please check the support-us channel.


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